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Re: Spam

Post by Jamesrab »

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Igor, could you put sunblock on me? asked Oksana.
But this time, the father decided to distinguish himself, and when she, suspecting nothing, invited him home, because the father himself said that it was time to get to know each other before graduation, when the mother was not there yet, the father was very courteous and polite with him, which only made me happy her, because she did not know that her mother had told him everything. And she said - Well, you get to know each other, and for now I'll go to the kitchen. “Great,” thought the father and called him into the bedroom, supposedly to show their family photos. And April began to fiddle around in the kitchen, thinking about what would be best for snacks. -So, I'll cut the avocado, the cheese will do too. And began to cut into thin plates. She managed the cutting quickly enough, as if the kitchen appliance itself was in a hurry to fit her. - Well, what about olives, I forgot if the chick likes them, I'll go and find out ...
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Re: Spam

Post by dknapp1 »

Spam is an eternal problem, both in the previous forum and in the current one.

We have about 5 people who actively monitor the forum for spam and have the ability to delete it.

If you see a spam post, then click on the exclamation point to report it, and we get an email.

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Post by Carl Mounteer »

I've seen a lot of spam getting through to the Forum lately. See for example: ... f=40&t=443

This didn't seem to be a problem so much in the past. Have you had any luck identifying the problem in order to correct it?
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